Over the years, Moses has carved a name for himself in the food & beverage industry. A food critic, judge, food writer, gourmet connoisseur – all these are titles that shows his passion for good food. This passion has paved the way for many opportunities to work with many talented chefs in the industry, and opened doors to upcoming chefs.

With his established reputation as a food connoisseur, Moses has been invited to be a judge in many Gourmet and Culinary events such as Hong Kong Best of Culinary Awards, as well as to participate in a Gourmet Celebrities Cooking demonstration class in Hong Kong.


“Good Food, Good Accommodation” is Moses’ motto when it comes to travelling overseas. But many times, food and accommodation are the exact areas where it disappoints. Thus, in 1993, upon an invitation of a travel agency, Moses led a group of 40pax on a Gourmet trip to Hong Kong. From then on, the lure of ‘Gourmet Tour with Moses Lim’ was so great that the highest record saw more than 300pax in 8 coaches to China. It was perhaps the largest group ever led by a celebrity. More than 20years on, ‘Gourmet Tour with Moses Lim’ is still very much sought after because of the good reputation of good food and good accommodation.

Today, Moses not only work with travel agencies to promote themed gourmet tours, he is also a consultant to those who are keen to organize customized incentive tours for their own corporate organizations.

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