TV & Movie Celebrity | Gourmet Connoisseur

Gourmet Ambassador, Moses Lim, is also the founder of Moses Lim Gourmet Club which comprises of active members who shares similar passion for good food. His passion for good food and good life is very much recognised locally and overseas in the number of positions he’s held such as
Gourmet Connoisseur for Citibank [2005],
Malaysia Penang Food Ambassador [2006 -2008],
Food Ambassador for Singapore Yellow Pages Buying Guide [2006 – 2008],
Food Ambassador for The State of Sarawak, Malaysia [2009 – 2010],
Business Ambassador of South Australia [2007 – 2009].

Moses Lim is a living legend in the local entertainment scene. During the 1990’s, he co-hosted the longest running and highly rated variety show ‘Comedy Night’ [搞笑行动]. He was the lead role in the local favourite English sitcom ‘Under One Roof’ which received Asia TV Awards recognition and Moses himself received the ‘Best Actor’ Award for his iconic character on the show. It was the first time a Mandarin channel artiste crossed over successfully to the English Channel and Moses also became the first Singaporean to win the Asian Television Awards for Best Male Actor in a comedy.

He has been working closely with various Hotels to promote local food and cuisine from overseas. Moses Lim has conducted numerous cooking demos with various hotels and F&B organisations. He is also an active judge and food critic for various gourmet competitions and promotions for radios, magazines and newspapers.

Since 1993, Moses Lim has organized Gourmet Tours around the world.

Moses Lim has held the following positions:

  • Honorary Ambassador for Singapore Chefs Association
  • Gourmet Ambassador for Society of Singapore Chinese Cuisine Chefs
  • Consultant for Hong Kong Chefs Association
  • Gourmet Ambassador for Hou You Cook’s Association, Singapore
  • Tourist Ambassador for Hangzhou, China
  • Honorary Ambassador for Chung Cheong Nam Do Province, Korea
  • Honorary Ambassador for Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province, Korea
  • Honorary Ambassador for Gwangju Province, Korea
  • Founding Ambassador of Heartware Network
  • Advisor for The International Exchange Association of Renowned Chinese Cuisine Chefs